Michael Beckert, MD

After his graduation from Medical School at the University of Berlin, Michael received his medical training in Internal Medicine (ICU, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine) at the Charité, Berlin.

Joining MSD as a Research Manager for Antiinfectives / HIV was setting the basis for his further development as an Executive in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Since he joined the industry, he was working and living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, USA and Spain.

Positions and achievements:

MSD / Merck & Co, Germany, USA, Austria: Research Manager; Senior Manager / Medical Director
Projects: anti-viral therapies, COX-2 inhibitor, anti-depressive, cardiovascular

Scil Biomedicals, Germany: Chief Medical Officer
Projects: polytrauma, sepsis, prostate cancer, cataract

SkyePharma, Switzerland and USA: Medical Director
Projects: asthma (inhalation), pain, endocrinology

LifeCycle Pharma (now Veloxis), Denmark and USA: Chief Medical Officer
Projects: lipid-lowering combination therapies, transplantation
2006 Initial Public Offering

2008 Follow-on (secondary) offering

CaRACS, Berlin, Germany: Founder and Owner
Projects since 2008: endocrinology, intensive care, eye disorders, cancer, inhalation


Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Consulting Services